Extra Thick (0.80″) Baby Play Mat

Extra Thick (0.80″) Baby Play Mat


Soft Foam Baby Play Mat – Interlocking Floor Tiles, Extra Thick (0.80″) | Non-Toxic, Crawling, Tummy Time Mat | Neutral Colors, Children Play Room & Baby Nurseries | Infant, Baby, Toddler, Kid


Product Description

  • ✔️ STYLISH DESIGN, COMPLEMENTS ANY ROOM, VERSATILE CONFIGURATION – Various mat tile design options. Set up as play mat – all tiles interlocking, lying flat. Or, include the upright soft foam tile fence – providing child with safety visual edge. Soft foam side walls are perfect for containing toys and balls. Gender neutral designer soft colors (dark grey, grey, ivory), stylish and chic. Fits any household, daycare, or nursery decor, providing a beautiful, modern and distinctive look.


  • ✔️ SAFETY STANDARDS, LOVE & PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS – The INEX Life Soft Foam Play Mat Tiles, with Fence, are eco friendly, certified, tested and meet all safety standards and requirements: No BPA | No latex | Non-toxic foam | No formaldehyde | No phthalates | No PVC. This play mat is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and non-flammable. Please be rest-assured, quality and safety are the top priority. Worry free childrens playtime experience! Perfect for your child’s sensitive skin.


  • ✔️ ENCOURAGES DEVELOPMENT – Progression and growth of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, reasoning, visual sensory development, animal & color recognition, & spatial awareness. Use for tummy time, learning to crawl or play. Stimulate & support early childhood learning. Interchangeable locking foam tile pieces, mix and match colors and designs. Have your child explore & engage in educational playtime that is fun and safe.


  • ✔️ ULTRA THICK SOFT FOAM – High quality, built to last foam tile, 0.8 inches thick, featuring soft & cushioned protection, shielding your child from bumps and falls. The ultra thick, mat tile pieces interlock tightly together exceptionally! The soft foam tiles, creates a safe playspot space for children of all ages. The mat tiles, with fence, ensure your child avoids direct contact with the dust, dirt and debris, which could be on your floors. Use on hardwood, concrete, tile, or low pile carpet.


  • ✔️ WATERPROOF, WASHABLE, EASY TO CLEAN – The INEX Life premium soft foam play mat tiles are simply easy to care & clean wipeable. The durable, soft & water-resistant mat tile surface makes it easy to clean up spills, wipe right up, when needed. The waterproof design of the surface stands up against: food residue, milk and urine. When mat tiles are connected, gently scrub with a damp towel or soft sponge, using mild soap and water. Dry completely. Avoid using harsh or abrasive application.

NEX Life Extra Thick, Soft Foam Baby Play Mat

Neutral Colors & Non-Toxic, Crawling, Tummy Time Mat

Provide your beloved child a safe, secure, comfortable and clean cushioned floor space to play and learn. The INEX Life baby play mat with interlocking extra thick tile pieces is simple and easy to assemble. The play mat provides a superior, padded and cushioned, protective layer for your kiddo. Tight interlocking tile pieces, which are precision cut to fit securely together and will not easily come apart during normal play.

Perfect for tummy time, crawling, tumbling, & toppling over when learning to sit & stand! The built-to-last foam tiles are 0.8 inches thick, creating cushioned protection for babies, shielding your child from bumps. The Large soft foam play mat tiles, with fence, ensure your child avoids direct contact with dust, dirt & debris.

The ultra thick padded play mat is non-skid, lightweight, soft neutral designer colors, perfect for any bedroom, daycare, preschool and any play time area.


Ultra Thick Pieces – 0.80 Inches

Super thick high density EVA foam mat available. Provide effective and premium padding for your toddler. Each play mat piece is 0.80 inches thick for extreme cushioning and shock absorption.Create a safe and inviting surface for your little one.

Unlike many other play mats, this mat is highly durable and light weight foam pieces which are 0.80 inches thick. The added and enhanced thickness is perfect for noise reduction, especially for busy play area and clanking and dropping toys.

The extra thick interlocking pieces make assembly and clean up easy, simple and quick. Take with you on vacation, the park, or to the grandparents house.

The play mat is compact for storage and includes a zippered carrying case.


SAFETY, PREMIUM QUALITY & Endless Entertainment

Safety Is Our Top Priority:

The INEX Life Soft Foam Play Mat Large Tiles with Fence, is tested, certified, and most importantly meets all safety standards & requirements:

No BPA | No Latex | No Lead | No Toxins | No Formaldehyde | No Phthalates | No PVC| No Odor

Thick, soft, yet supportive and has textures that will prevent slips and give babies and toddlers something to grip their tiny hands and feet to.

Encouraging Development & Entertainment:

Create a learning environment where your baby can develop hand and eye coordination and problem solving reasoning techniques. The interlocking tiles feature pop-out animal graphics. The surface is non abrasive, fostering an important sensory experience with toys, colors and shapes.


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